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Place of Origin:Araluen
Marital Status:Unmarried in 1st book, unknown in later books
Weapon:Sword, Quarterstaff

The Ruins of Gorlan

Alda was one of the second-year students whom bullied Horace in Battleschool in The Ruins of Gorlan.  

History Edit

Alda and his two friends, Bryn and Jerome, made Horace's life a misery in his first year of Battleschool.

Alda and his cronies first appeared in Horace's dormitory where they forced him to do thirty push-ups and remake all of the beds after they messed them up though from the sounds of things this wasn't their first encounter with Horace.

In their next encounter they forced Horace to stand out in the middle of the Tarbus river holding a rock over his head whilst counting to five hundred.

Their next attempt to bully Horace was foiled by Sir Rodney stepping in to tell him about the boar hunt they will be going on. At this point Horace is confused as to why Alda and his friends ran away when Sir Rodney arrived.

Later in the year came their final encounter, they beat Horace up after the boar hunt. This was due to the fact that they thought he was being a coward, and humiliating the battlescool.  They had started to beat up Will, when first Horace, then laterHalt, appeared. Halt allowed and encouraged Horace to beat up Alda and his friends in return for all the misery that they had caused.

Halt then notified Sir Rodney of their bullying, who promptly expelled Alda and his friends and banished them from Redmont Fief.

Their fate is unknown after that point.

Description Edit

Alda was a handsome young man which hid his darker side and made him look unassuming.

He is said to be the most skilled swordsman out of all the bullies as he lasted the longest in a duel against Horace. Unfortunately for him, this was still not enough to defeat Horace's natural swordsmanship abilities.

Skills Edit

  • Swordsmanship: He had some moderate skill with a sword being able to hold of Horace for a short time, though he was still far outmatched by the younger swordsman.
  • Quarterstaff Fighting: He was shown to be quite skilled with a quarterstaff, knowing some of the basic moves.

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