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Place of Origin:Arrida
Death:Erak's Ransom

Erak's Ransom


Aloom was a male Arridi lieutenant who served under the command of Wakir, Selethen. He was one of the 50 Arridi soldiers who were to escort Selethen, Will, Horace, Halt, Cassandra, Gilan, and Svengal to Mararoc. On the way, the party was attacked by Yusal's Tualaghi raiders, and Aloom was left in charge of the soldiers who survived the battle, while Halt, Gilan, Horace, Cassandra, Selethen, and Svengal were taken captive. Those survivors were put out into the desert, with no boots and only two skins of water. Will, who had left the main group to look for his horse some time prior to the attack, later found Aloom keeping over 20 Arridisoldiers alive on almost no water. Aloom and the soldiers with him later mounted a rescue mission in Maashava. They, along with a large group of the Khoresh Bedullin tribe, attacked the Tualaghi that had invaded recently. Before the battle, however, Aloom was attacked by three of the raiders, led by Talish and lay dying below a tower in Maashava (Saoud's fault). However, he managed to live long enough to hear of the end of the battle.

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