A map of Alpina.

Alpina is a country on the western part of the Continent. It borders Skandia in the north, Teutlandt and Gallica in the west, Toscano and Aslava in the south and the Eastern Steppes in the east.


The name Alpina is also the name the Romans gave to the Alps, a mountainrange in Central Europe. It is therefore likely that Alpina is based on an Alpinan country such as Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria or all of them. 


A large mountain range starts in Alpina and runs into Teutlandt and Skandia, where it forms the eastern border. It is so large that it is even shown on the world map. 


  • It is possible that Alpina also borders Magyara, a country not shown on the map but mentioned in The Brotherband Chronicles
  • Alpina hasn't been visited by any major characters yet.

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