Ambrose appears in The Lost Stories: Dinner for Five .


Ambrose is the silversmith in Wensley Village as well as the local jeweler.

Ambrose is tricked by the bandits who want to steal some of his wares as he is known to fix a number of expensive pieces. Nuttal distracts Ambrose whilst his counterparts break into the back of the shop and take Ambrose captive. Mound grabs the silversmith and Tomas gags him.

The three then try to get the man to reveal the whereabouts of the key to the safe where his more expensive and valuble wares are kept. Ambrose refuses to speak. It turns out that the key was on him in the first place and Tomas opens up the safe and grabs the jewels and the trio then make a run for it leaving Ambrose tied up.

Ambrose escapes and tells the town guard where the men had gone, however, it was the wrong location, because they had tricked him.

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