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Arisaka's Lieutenant
Post:Lieutenant of Arisaka's Army
Place of Origin:Nihon-Ja
Marital Status:Unknown
Weapon:Recurve Bow
Death:The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

Arisaka's Lieutenant was an Senshi who served Arisaka.

The Emperor of Nihon-JaEdit

During the Battle for Nihon-Ja, Arisaka had an unidentified lieutenant who served as his second in command. When the Hasanus arrived, Emperor Shigeru offered truce to Arisaka and Yamada. Arisaka, Yamada and his lieutenant approached Shigeru. The Lieutenant attempted to kill Shigeru by shooting arrows at the emperor. The first arrow struck Shigeru's arm, before the lieutenant had the chance of shooting the second arrow, Will Treaty shot the heart of the lieutenant, killing him.


He is described as a noble, fat Senshi carrying an Recurve Bow.


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