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An example of what Arrida would look like

Arrida is a dry, desert-like land in the south. It is home to the Arridi, a fierce desert people, as well as minorities such as the Bedullin and the desert Tualaghi.


Not much is known about the history of Arrida, other than the fact that they invented coffee (Kafay) and Arikiki. In the past, raids by Skandians and Tualaghi occurred a lot, but this seemed to stop after Book 7


Arridi: The majority. They generally live in the cities, towns and villages at the coast. They are said to be the most efficient fighting force in the world, with the possible exception of the Temujai.

Bedullin: The proud nomadic tribes, led by Aseikh's, which can generally be identified by the yellow and white head-scarfs they wear.

Tualaghi: Bandits who plunder cities and torture their captives. Their only alliegence is to money and greed.

Politics and MilitaryEdit

The ruler of Arrida is the Emrikir, but each province is controlled by the Wakir, a ruler the equivalent of an Araluen Baron. The Emrikir mainly has power over the coastal regions and some cities in the desert. The vast desert is controlled by the Bedullin and the Tualaghi.

The capital, Mararoc, is the home of the Emrikir and the government, and lies at the root of the peninsula. The largest port is Al Shabah, ruled by the Wakir Seley el'then. Notably, many Wakirs and officials are said to be on a constant lookout for bribes, and thus would be easily influenced by foreign interests and outsiders. They also apparently have one of the most advanced armed forces in the western hemisphere, if not the world, and are said to be equal to the Temujai.

Foreign RelationsEdit

It is unknown to what degree Arrida has foreign relations. They are a part of the Silisian Council, and they seem to be a powerful nation of traders, known for their wealth. They also have a treaty with Araluen, thought it is unknown to what degree this treaty is. Despite a recent raid, they seem to have normalized relations with Skandia.

Although Arrida is part of the Silisian Council, it has a seperate character script to the other countries, meaning that contact and transactions are limited.


Arrida consists out of the mainland and a peninsula. The city of Al Shabah is located at the tip of the peninsula. In the west lies the Endless Ocean, with the Southwest Islands a bit south of the peninsula. In the north is the Constant Sea. Arrida is connected to Toscano by a small stroke of land. In the north-west is the Sea of Rostov, and in the east Arrida is connected to the Temujai Empire by a stroke of land. In the south lies the Impassible Desert. 

Almost all of the country is desert, and is dangerous to enter, partially because the Ranger's Northseekers do not work due to the large iron deposits, as well as a general lack of food and water. There are however, two series of wells in the desert, and they are separated by the Red Hills:

In The Modern World Edit

It is thought that Arrida in the Modern world would be Ethiopia because the people there invented coffee and they also have large iron deposits.

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