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The Arridi are the main inhabitants of the country of Arrida.


World Map

Arrida in the bottom right corner

The Arridi government bares much resemblance to that of the Araluen government. They have a supreme ruler, the emrikir (the equivalent of the king), and multiple smaller, local leaders, known as wakirs (similar to barons). It is divided into multiple provinces of varying importance and size. This can dictate which wakirs have more power or a senior level. However, contrary to most customs, the Arridi succession is through the matriarchal, or mother's, line, not the male line. All taxes that are received in a given province are stored in the regional capital's khadif (town center) until they are relocated to Mararoc, the capital of Arrida. Via a secret message, the emrikir will dispatch an armed caravan a few times a year when the coffers at the local khadif become dangerously full. A notable point in the governmental structure of Arrida is that many wakirs and other officials are always on the lookout for bribes, and thus are easily influenced by outsiders and foreign interests.


The Arridi military is based mostly on horsemen, as large groups of infantry cannot cross the desert which makes up most of Arrida. All forces used by the Arridi are lightly armed and armored. They rely on agility and fast cuts and slashes, not brute force or power. The knight is non-existent in the Arridi military as their armor would be impossible to wear in the desert climate. Infantry in the Arridi military wear metal studded leather jerkins, which allow for protection and flexibility at the same time. A simple acorn shaped helmet is worn and interwoven steel plates hang down to cover the back of the Arridi warrior's neck. Standard weapons used by the infantry are a light weight saber and a bow. The cavalrymen carry a similar arsenal of weapons with the addition of a slender lance which they can also use when dismounted. According to Halt, the Arridi are the most effective fighting force in the world, rivaled only by the vicious Temujai, and according to Horace they have the Skandians as rivals as well.


Little is known of the Arridi before the time of Erak's Ransom, though Araluen has had some dealings with them before, as Halt, when preparing to leave for Arrida, was briefed with information only a year old. They are members of the Silisian Council, so they do exchange seals with other nations, including Araluen, and have a substantial amount of trading done in their ports, some of which may or may not be Araluen merchants. A major point in their history is that they invented coffee (kafay) and the low-alcohol drink arikiki.

They are often at war, not with other nations, but with the Tualaghi that also inhabit Arrida. The Tualaghi often raid their towns and then escape out into the desert. The Arridi have in the past had dealing and alliances with the Bedullin, nomadic tribes that also inhabit the deserts Arrida, since they both have a common interest in the defeat of the Tualaghi.


  • The Arridi are based on Eastern cultures such as Arabia.
  • The Bedullin are the equivalent of the modern day Bedouin tribes. The Bedullin's name also resembles the name Bedouin.

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