A baron is a powerful noble in Araluen who rules over a fief. Those who bear the title of baron are responsible for ruling the Fiefs of Araluen but are required to take an oath of servitude to the King. In Arrida, a Wakir is the Arridi equivalent of a baron. The barons have varying degrees of power, which were each usually tied to the fief they served. Baron Arald has seniority among the Barons of Araluen. There were fifty barons: one for each fief, where they lived in their castles. However, there are currently 49 fiefs as Gorlan Fief has been deserted ever since the First Araluan Civil War. If a major crime is committed, the fief's baron acts as judge.

Known Current BaronsEdit

Morgarath is a former baron. He was stripped of the title and banished for his betrayal of the kingdom.

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