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Battleschools are schools which novice knights attend in order to become part of the Araluan army. Each fief has a Battleschool attached to it, which is run by a Battlemaster. Each Battleschool has a different number of apprentices, tailored to how large and important its feif is. Battleschool apprentices must go through 5 years of training in order to become a knight. Since the Battlemaster of each school creates the training schedule, the difficulty of each school varies. Cadets higher than first year are often called upon to assist the drill instructors, but in times of war, all the apprentices must fight. Although knights and apprentices make up the bravest and strongest fighters of the King's army, the bulk of men still comes from regular soldiers, which are made of farmers and other commoners.


There is a relatively high rate of attrition in Battleschool, likely because some noblemen and knights' sons are too used to an easy and comfortable life to be able handle the intense Battleschool training. This training include weapons drill using mock swords early on in cadet years, but advancing to real swords with blunted edges later on. Other features of Battleschool training are obstacle courses, long runs with heavy packs, brief (and cold) showers, short meal times, classes on strategy, geography, leadership and other topics.

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