Will Treaty, Alyss Mainwaring, Halt O'Carrick, Malcolm/Malkallam(a healer who lives in Grimsdell Woods),&nbsp Trobar(a huge misshapen man who was cared for by Malcolm), Luka(another misshapen man who was cared for by Luka), Horace Altman, Shadow(the dog), Syron(the previous lord of Macindaw who was poisoned by Keren and eventually died), Sir Keren(traitorous cousin of Lord Orman), Lord Orman(the son of Syron who was poisoned by Keren and forced to run away to Grimsdell to get Malcolm's help), Xander(Orman's ferociously loyal secretary who was quite difficult, but very loyal to Orman's family) John Buttle(a murderous criminal and bully who escaped the Skandians and found employment by Keren), MacHaddish(the Scotti general in league with Keren), Gundar Hardstriker, Nils Ropehander, Meralon(Ranger of Norgate Fief), and Sir Doric(the stiff and formal Battlemaster of Norgate Fief).

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