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Halt Carrick Spoiler Alert!

Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Lost Stories.



Dinner For Five is a short story about Gilan and Jenny from The Lost Stories


Jenny is preparing a meal for Gilan the Ranger who is coming over for tea. She is leaving her restaurant under the care of her head waiter, Rafe, and the assistant chef.

On the other side of town, the Silversmith Ambrose, is about to open his safe when a knock came on the door. When he opens the door the three robbers appear and restrain him. They are trying to get into the silversmith's safe as there are expensive things inside it like silver and gemstones. They search the building and find the key in one of the Silversmiths pockets, they open the safe and run away. They plan to stay the night at Jenny's hosue as one of the robbers has been observing her for the last few days and notices she does not return home until very late as she is out at the restaurant.

Jenny was cooking the plum tart that Gilan loved and a leg of lamb when the robbers burst in. They argue a bit about why she is here but decide to stay and let her continue cooking.

Meanwhile Gilian has just arrived at Redmont and hears the news of the robbery. Baron Arald has already made plans to capture them so he leaves them alone and makes his way to Jenny's house.

The Robbers find out about Gilan coming as they find the letter that Gilan sent. They decide to try and ambush him by tying Jenny to a chair and striking him once he enters the door.

One of the robbers are hungry and decide to try some of the plum tart and spits it out in disgust and tells her it needs more sugar. She tells the robbers that the meat is almost ready and she needs to take it off the spit. The robbers agree and she makes her way there and pulls out the spit and starts poking it at the robbers. She manages to attack two of them just as Gilan bursts in through the door and finishes them off.


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