A Goju is a fighting formation used by the Kikori in an attempt to defeat Arisaka in The Emperor of Nihon-Ja.

It was developed from a fighting style Will, Halt and Selethen witnesed in Toscana at the beginning of the book, similar to the one used by Roman legions in our world. 

Later, Will develops it and trains the Kikori to fight in gojus of fifty against Arisaka and his Senshi.  Each goju is lead by one person and is named for that particular person.  E.g.the  Hawk Goju  is the name of the goju led by Selethen (his Nihon-Jan name being "Hawk") and the Bear Goju led by Horace, due to his nickname Kurokuma, meaning "Black Bear" and is a reference to his "prodigious appetite and mighty prowess at the dinner table". 

List of GojusEdit

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