Hallasholm is the capital of Skandia. It was the home to the Andomal, the country's greatest artifact, before it was stolen, and is the base of the Oberjarl, the Skandian equivalent of a King. In the past many Wolfships left from Hallasholm to plunder the coasts of Araluen and Gallica. There is a small river flowing trough the outskirts of the city called Bearclaw Creek.

Hallasholm was where the main attack on Skandia was headed in the war against the Temujai. Halt, Will, Horace, and Cassandra managed to help the Skandians defend their nation. The battle where former Oberjarl Ragnak was killed was here, and later on also the site where the Treaty of Hallasholm was signed. 

In The Brotherband Chronicles, Hallasholm is the setting of The Outcasts. It is noted that Katrina runs a tavern there and Erak is still the Oberjarl. Hallasholm is also the site of the Brotherband training in that book...

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