Rain and Night

The Mountains of Rain and Night are separated from the Narrow Sea by high cliffs.

The Mountains of Rain and Night are a series of barren, windswept mountains that form a plateau south of Araluen and east of Celtica. It is separated from each of these by a series of mountains around the edge of the plateau, as well as the cavernous Fissure to the west. The only practical way to enter is through Three Step Pass on the border with Araluen.

After Morgarath, the former baron of the Gorlan Fief, failed in his attempt to take control of Araluen in the First Araluan Civil War, he was driven to the mountains by the baronies under the command of the newly-crowned King Duncan.

There are no trees, flowers or bushes in the Mountains, but there are shrubs and an old grey castle that Morgarath resided in during his banishment. This place is home to many mysterious creatures, such as the Wargals, simple-minded and easily controllable creatures with bear- and dog-like characteristics, who were controlled mentally by Morgarath, and the deadly Kalkara, monstrous creatures that looked like giant bears, which Morgarath recruited as assassins during The Ruins of Gorlan.


Morgarath, who rules here

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