Nigel is the scribemaster of Redmont Fief. He, like most other members of the Scribeschool, is extremely quiet and studious.


The Ruins of GorlanEdit

In The Ruins of Gorlan, Nigel allows George to join Scribeschool on Choosing Day. George ends up being one of Nigel's most prized students. At one point before the beginning of the first book, Will brought two rabbits into a hall where Nigel was holding a debate. He climbed up the scribeschool wall and let a male and female rabbit into the room; this caused a problem as it was spring, which Nigel greatly emphasizes to the Baron, to Lady Pauline's amusement.


He is an extremely studious man and is known to have been a shy and quiet youngster who spoke with a stammer but was soon taught, in his time at Scribeschool, how to speak well and overcame his shyness dramatically.

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