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In the south of Nihon-Ja most of the agriculture is done on terraces.

Nihon-Ja (日本 - はい) is a country even further east than the Eastern Steppes. It is clearly based on feudal Japan ("Nihon" or "日本" being the Japanese word for "Japan").


Not much is known about the history of Nihon-Ja, but it was first mentioned in western chronicles when the Channel of Assarania was dug and merchants could sail through the Sea of Blood and the Eastern Ocean. 

Nihon-Ja has been ruled by an Emperor since they remember. 

Nihon-Ja has had several wars with the Temujai, who tried to conquer the nation by crossing the sea that separates it from the mainland (which, due to a tornado, did not end very well).


Nihon-Ja is separated from the rest of the continent by a sea, and on the other sides of the island are also seas. The northern area is abandoned and the terrain there is mountainous, and the Imperial Summerpalace lies on the border of that area. There are also a lake that hosts several small islands (in Nihon-Jan called Mizu Umi Bakudai) and the large Uto Forest, which both lie in the northern part. In the mountains lies the legendary fortress of Ran-Koshi, which offers the Emperor and the Protagonists shelter during the Senshi-Imperial War. The capital of Nihon-Ja lies in the south and is called Ito.



A depiction of a Senshi-warrior ready to strike.

The nation's military is made up out of the elite Senshi Warriors who are rumored to be the best warriors in the world. They would be able to take on the entire Araluenic Army on foot; this is mainly because they start their training on an early age (around 10), as opposed to the Araluenic knights who are mainly admitted into battleschools when they are 15.

The Senshi are divided between several clans, such as the Meishi, the Tokoradi, the Kitotashi, the Umaki and the most important of them: the Shimonseki. The Nihon-Jan warlord and leader of the Senshi Arisaka is from the Shimonseki-Clan.

The Senshi Warriors are clearly based on the Samurai of feudal Japan. Just like the Samurai they were the only ones in the Empire allowed to carry weapons with them, have a fighting training and have actual power in the goverment. 

Horace, on a diplomatic mission, visits Nihon-Ja to learn about their military and inform Araluen about how they might use their tecniques.


The Senshi fight using mainly katanas and javelins But only nobles use recurve bows.

Their katanas are made of very hard steel, and the Araluenic steelsmiths who made the Ranger knives also based their way of making the steel on the Nihon-Jan way

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