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As of 7 January 2008, United Artists has optioned the film rights for The Ruins of Gorlan and is in talks with Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis to adapt and direct the movie. When John Flanagan first heard the news, he expressed his support for the film, saying:

It's just so overwhelming to see that the Ranger's series is set to head off in yet another exciting direction. When I think how this all started as a series of twenty short stories written for my son Michael, it sets my head spinning to think there's the distinct possibility that it will now be translated into movies and seen by millions of people around the world.

In a recent video released on YouTube, John Flanagan stated that the script had been finished and production is planned to start 2015.

John Flanagan Q&A How are plans for the Ranger's Apprentice film coming along?01:09

John Flanagan Q&A How are plans for the Ranger's Apprentice film coming along?

John Flanagan stated in a Facebook Q&A that they have the money and auditons are planned for summer 2015 in Ireland or the UK.

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