Big Leaf Maple Trees along the Quinault River Quinault Rain Forest Washington

A depiction of Wesley Forest

The Ranger Gathering is an annual event which all Rangers attend. It is one of the rare occasion where more than a few Rangers are seen together. It is held in a secret, highly hidden location in Wesley Forest. Admittance to the Gathering is restricted to Rangers only (with the exception of, presumably, the King.) Parents of graduating Rangers are also sometimes taken there, but they are blindfolded. While it is supposed to be a formal event, due to the close-knit nature of the Ranger Corps, it is very casual and Rangers chat and interact openly.

Apprentices are often trained by Rangers other than their mentor during Gatherings.

Ranger Gatherings are where most apprentices are fully accepted into the Rangers Corps and receive their Silver Oakleaf. Graduation takes place there for the most part but in some cases, as in Will's, it may be in another place. Apprentices are also assessed and tested formally at the Gathering before moving to the next year of their training.

In The Ruins of Gorlan, Will attends his first Gathering. This is where he meets Gilan.

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