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Sir Keren
Place of Origin:Araluen
Marital Status:Unmarried
Weapon:Sword, Gemstone
Death:The Siege of Macindaw

The Sorcerer of the North
The Siege of Macindaw

Sir Keren was a traitorous knight and nephew of Lord Syron, who enlisted the help of the Scotti to gain wealth in The Sorcerer in the North and The Siege of Macindaw. He was killed by Alyss when she threw acid in his face, causing him to fall out of the tower to his death.


He was the main antagonist in The Sorcerer of the North and The Siege of Macindaw, along with his lieutenant John Buttle. He possessed a blue gem which hypnotized people, allowing him to extract information from them with ease. Sir Keren plots to commandeer Castle Macindaw and sell the surrounding land to the Scotti, on the condition that he gets to maintain a peaceful life in the castle.

The Sorcerer in the NorthEdit

He tries to get Castle Macindaw into his control by poisoning and thus killing Lord Syron; he also poisoned Orman, Syron's son, both with a nasty poison called corocore. Few people believe he is guilty because he is very well known and liked. One guard is quoted saying that Keren is a real warrior, and that if Orman ordered them to take up arms against him, they would refuse. He takes over the castle after Orman flees with Xander and Will, using their escape to fuel people's hatred of Orman. He was killed at the Siege of Macindaw, trying to hand over the castle to the Scotti, as it is a key strategic point for Araluen to be kept safe, because of it's location.

The Siege of MacindawEdit

He dismisses the original garrison and recruits new men for his cause, most of them lawbreakers, bandits, thugs, and thieves. Keren imprisons Alyss and uses hypnosis to force her to tell her anything he wants to know, even reveal that Will is in fact a King's Ranger. Alyss tries to resist Keren but fails, until Malcolm provides her with a pebble to stop Keren's mind control. In the final battle, Keren hypnotizes Alyss, and forces her to attack Will. She nearly succeeded, as Will refused to fight back, but then he tells Alyss he loves her, breaking the spell. Alyss saves Will by throwing acid in Keren's face, causing him to fall out of the tower window to his death.


Sir Keren is a likeable man, more so than his introverted relative, Orman. He was able to turn Orman's own soldiers and the various people at the castle against him, and gain Will and Alyss' favor until they discovered he was the one who had poisoned Lord Syron and was planning to sell much of the Norgate Fief to the Scotti.


Sir Keren was likely a fine swordsman, being a knight, he was likely trained from a young age as a swordsman.

Keren was an extremely skilled leader, able to lead his mercenaries in defense of Macindaw, but even more so, able to convince all of Macindaw (excluding Xander) that Orman was the one to be suspicious of, rather than Keren himself. This implies that he was also a skilled liar.

Keren was also a hypnotist, able to overcome even Alyss' mind with his gemstone.



It is hinted that Keren possibly had feelings for Alyss. He keeps her in moderately comfortable surroundings, but confined to her prison in Castle Macindaw's keep tower. At one point, after realizing the futility of his mission, he asks Alyss to marry him so they can flee to Gallica together and rule one of the many warring fiefdoms there together, but she refuses, disgusted. An argument ensues and Keren leaves bitterly, with Alyss realizing any chance of a peaceful solution to her captivity is gone.


It is obvious that Keren and Orman don't get along. Keren often openly mocked and made fun of his cousin. It's eventually revealed that he's been plotting to kill him and take over Castle Macindaw.


Will approved of and gravitated towards Keren during the earlier parts of The Sorcerer in the North, not realizing his intentions, but quickly came to hate him after he kidnapped Alyss.

John ButtleEdit

John Buttle and Keren's connection was based solely on that Keren needed Buttle to lead his mercenaries and Buttle needing Keren's money. The two showed little affection for one another, as Buttle only followed Keren's orders reluctantly.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the other antagonists, Keren died a brutal death, with acid being sprayed in his face and falling out of a large tower.

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