Halt, a Ranger who wielded the Strikers


Will, another Ranger who used these weapons

Strikers are one of the weapons all Rangers are trained to use. They are heavy weapons that can be used to incapacitate enemies in close combat, or at range by throwing them. Two strikers can be put together and thrown for longer distances, weighing about as much as a saxe knife. The unique and versatile traits of the Strikers make them useful weapons in a Ranger's arsenal.

At the middle of this leather wrapped weapon is a brass tube, long enough to fit in the wearer's hand, and on either side is a lead-weighted brass knob, used to strike at an enemy, or used to throw at an enemy, stunning him from up to 6 meters away (in the hands of an expert user). The average Ranger carries two, and they can be screwed together to make a club. This extends their stunning range to 20 meters. They are, essentially, fistloads.


The Rangers use strikers to great effect, as hand-to-hand weapons and as throwing weapons. The are often used after sneaking up on a target, whereupon the Ranger will often target the base of the jaw, or just below the ear, as a knockout strike to incapacitate the target. They can also be thrown, independently and while clipped together, to stun or incapacitate targets at ranges of 6 meters while independent, and up to 20 meters while clipped together. All rangers in the corps are issued with strikers

Notable UsesEdit

Will Treaty used his strikers to try and stun a Genovesan Assassin in Halt's Peril when he was trying to capture him. However, he missed the throw and lost them, which Halt was less than pleased by when he needed to lend Will one of his own strikers later.

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