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The Lost Stories is the eleventh book in the Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan.


Inspired by the questions and letters he has received from his faithful fans over the years, John Flanagan offers this gift in response: a collection of 'lost' tales that fill in the gaps between the Ranger's Apprentice novels.

For the first time readers can learn how Will came to be orphaned and what his real relationship to Halt is, or watch Alyss in action as the young Araluen diplomat disguises herself and becomes the perfect spy. Find out if Gilan did manage to track down Foldar, Morgarath's lieutenant after the battle inThe Burning Bridge and also discover if the perfect Royal Wedding will take place - or will disaster strike first?


The story begins with a prologue where in the future of Araluen, people are working on an archaeological dig in the area of Redmont Fief. There is a young girl, Audrey, who is in training, and discovers the remains of Halt's cabin. There she and the Professor who is in charge of the dig, find a book which contains the Lost Stories of the Ranger's Apprentice series.  He opens the book and starts to read.

The first story is called Death of a Hero and is where Halt tells Will about how Daniel, Will's father, saved his life in the battle against Morgarath.  And then Halt tells how Will's mother died, murdered by deserters from Duncan's army.

Stories in the BookEdit

The nine stories are:

  • Death of a Hero- The story of Daniel's death and Halt's search for his wife and son.


The various covers the Lost Stories had been published under.

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