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The Vallas are the three deities (gods) that are the heads of Skandian religion. They are the gods of vengeance, and they come in the form of a shark (Thurak), a bear (Gorlog) and a vulture (Hergel). A Vallasvow can be sworn to the Vallas but the person taking a Vallasvow is subjected to a reverse effect if they break oath. One was sworn by Ragnak to kill anyone in King Duncan's family. This was mainly done in the heat of the moment that Ragnak had found out his son had died at the Battle of Thorntree, part of Morgarath's attack, which was highly inconvinent for captured Princess Cassandra(known to her friendsWill and Horace  as Evanlyn). Cassandra had planned to tell Ragnak who she was and thus get herself and Will ransomed. The vow made this immpossible.

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