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Halt Carrick Spoiler Alert!

Warning! This page contains spoilers for the Lost Stories.

Tug horse

Tug is identical to the original Tug.

Tug was Will's second Ranger horse.


After the original Tug was injured in The Wolf and was not able to fully recover from his wound, Crowley and Old Bob gave him the "new Tug", who looks almost identical to the "old Tug", the differences being those of age (gray hair, etc.). According to Old Bob, they are relatives. This Tug also mentioned that he could've beaten Sandstorm as Will asked the question in his head, securing the bond between them.

He appears in The Wolf and in And About Time, Too..., filling the role of Best Horse in the latter.


Tug is identical to Bellerophon in every way. However, as the former Tug had grey around the muzzle and was starting to get stiff-jointed, the new Tug is full of life and energy being a young horse and lacking the grey hairs.

When Will mounts the new Tug, he forgets to say the password and Tug bucks him off. From the ground Will breathlessly comments to Bellephron that the new Tug bucks in exactly the same way he used to.

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